Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FREE Baby Planning Kit

Visit First Response to get your FREE baby planning kit. If you are or are thinking about getting pregnant or are pregnant you don't want to miss out on this offer.

Happy pregnancy!

FREE Sushi Making Booklet

My husband and daughters LOVE sushi, me not so much! We recently invested in a make your own sushi kit, it was on sale and we are hoping to save money by not running out to eat whenever a sushi craving hits. So I am so excited to get more ideas and recipes for making sushi for my family! Visit the Geyser Peak site to request your FREE copy.

Happy cooking!

FREE Sunless Tanning Lotion

Visit Studio Beauty Warehouse to get your FREE sample of sunless tanning lotion. I am so white and tend to lean towards turning red when out in the sun, so I do use sunless tanning lotion when i want to spurge a little on myself!

FREE Pet Safety Kit

Get a FREE pet safety kit from ASPCA. Now you can keep the furry members of you family safe as well as the two legged ones!

FREE Olive Recipe Book

My husband and daughters LOVE olives, I on the other hand am not too fond of them and therefore I do not have a lot of recipes in my cookbook that use olives. I am so excited to get this cookbook and find some great recipes that will use olives! visit the California Olive site to get it!

Happy cooking!