Friday, November 30, 2007

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You’re looking for a business opportunity. I’m so glad because it means you want to change your life. I’m sure you already know how important it is to find that right opportunity. When I started looking for a business I knew that 97% of people who try to find financial freedom through a home-based business fail so I knew whatever I chose had to be different!

There were certain "Givens."
It had to be FREE so every person who wanted to change their lives would have a chance.
It had to be simple.
It had to take away all the “business games” that kept most people from succeeding in a home-based business.

The "Givens" were answered when I found MY POWER MALL!

I’m not going to take time to explain it because MY POWER MALL has created some powerful movies and a great website that will do just that. I will tell you it is totally new, totally FREE, very simple, and can be done in conjunction with anything else you are doing to generate financial freedom. You could easily be making $4 - 6000 a month, but your income potential is unlimited. Interested? Click the button below! It will only take a few minutes to determine if our FREE program is what you have been looking for. I believe it is!

I guarantee that MY POWER MALL is absolutely FREE to sign up!

Happy shopping!

FREE Address Return Labels

You can get 36 FREE Wildlife address return labels, from the National Wildlife Federation! Show you care when you use them!

Happy letter writing!

FREE sample of Garnier Fructis Color Shield

By going through the WalMart website you can request your FREE sample of Garnier Fructis Color Shield! I personally love their products but can only afford to purchase tyhem on sale and with a coupon. I am definitely jumping on this one!

FREE Crock Pot Liners

You can now get a FREE sample of Reynolds crock pot liners! No more messy crock pots to clean! Yay!!! Now what will you do with the free time you'll have?

Happy cooking, without the messy cleanup!

FREE Hand Sanitizer

Now you can get a FREE sample of SkinWear's hand sanitizer. SkinWear is suppose to kill 99.9% of germs for up to 8 hours! It's worth a try!

FREE Child Safe Kit

You can request a FREE Child Safe Kit for each of your children in case you ever need it in an emergency. We all hope that we never need to use it but it's a good thing to have on hand just in case! Better safe than sorry!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 FREE Romance Books

If you enjoy romance books then you will want to take advantage of this offer from Harlequin. You can choose what series you want you FREE books from and they will send you 2 FREE books! Ordering the books will sign up for their monthly book club, but all you have do is cancel. There is no minimum to buy and you can cancel at anytime.

Happy Reading!

Maybelline Makeup

For all moms and women out there Maybelline is now offering a FREE sample of their new foundation, SuperStay Silky Foundation. If you are like me and looking for a cheap good coverage it's worth a try!

Bounty Paper Towels

If you have young kids you know how fast you can go through a roll of paper towels! Go to Bounty and sign up for their FREE newsletter and get coupons and samples.

Happy Cleaning!

Get a FREE Sample of Parent's Choice Infant Formula

If you have a baby you know how expensive they can be. First there's the doctor bills, the diapers, the clothes, and if you are unable to breastfeed there's the formula! I was unable to breastfeed both my children for medical reasons and I remember how much formula cost 5 years ago!

Now you can get a FREE sample of Parent's Choice Infant Formula.

Congratulations on your baby!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FREE Planet Heroes DVD

Fisher Price has a new set of characters called Planet Heroes and they have created a DVD for it! They are now offering the DVDs for FREE

No shipping and handling, it's absolutely free! So, act quickly before they run out!

Allow 12-14 weeks for delivery. But, hey it's FREE!

Make Free Money With Inbox Dollars

Okay, with a traditional rewards program, you go in, you fill offers, and you get "points." When you get enough "points," the place buys you something, like a gift certificate.

What I like about Inbox Dollars is, this place cuts to the chase. They just shoot you the cash. There's no "points"--what you've earned so far is listed in straight up dollars and cents.

Plus, with this one, you don't just get a one-time "points" bonus if you refer a friend--you actually get points for every email they click on. So if you have a few friends you know like referral programs, too, you can refer them to this one and both make a few dollars at the same time.

And they don't just have emails--they have the same types of online shopping programs the other rewards sites do. Except that here, instead of getting "points," it's like getting up to 40% cash back on all your online shopping. No need to wait for a sale now, right? Or do wait for a sale and get even bigger discounts.

Who couldn't use a few extra dollars just for checking out offers and shopping online?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sign Up For The American Freebies Newsletter

If you sign up for the American Freebies newsletter, not only will you get great freebies in your inbox every day, but you could win a $50 Shopping Gift Card!

Head on over.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Win Free Cash For Taking Surveys

Want to make your voice heard and maybe get a few bucks for your troubles? Join the Ipsos Survey Panel. They're taking applications right now.

Head on over and tell 'em what you think!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free Stuff From Betty Crocker

There's always free stuff on the offers page over at the Betty Crocker website.

Right now they've got a deal for free El Paso seasoning and some click-and-print online coupons.

More Free Money With MatrixReward

Another great reward program is over at MatrixReward.

It's easy to make money for signing up for cheap offers, or for shopping places that you would have shopped anyway.

If you aren't making money off your purchases, then you haven't learned the way the Internet works yet.

Get ahead of the game and sign up for a few good rewards programs now.

Get the Free TrustyBox Newsbar for Your Desktop

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Unique Rewards

Nobody just buys stuff online any more.

Not when they can get cash back on anything they buy.

When you use a rewards program like Unique Rewards, it works like this:

They have ads on their site for the places you would normally shop anyway.

You go shop at those places.

They split the money they make with you.

It's like getting cash back on everything you buy!

Plus, they'll generally pay you for clicking on ads in emails from sponsors, even if you don't buy anything.

It's a good way to make a few extra dollars. Check 'em out!

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