Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Make Free Money With Inbox Dollars

Okay, with a traditional rewards program, you go in, you fill offers, and you get "points." When you get enough "points," the place buys you something, like a gift certificate.

What I like about Inbox Dollars is, this place cuts to the chase. They just shoot you the cash. There's no "points"--what you've earned so far is listed in straight up dollars and cents.

Plus, with this one, you don't just get a one-time "points" bonus if you refer a friend--you actually get points for every email they click on. So if you have a few friends you know like referral programs, too, you can refer them to this one and both make a few dollars at the same time.

And they don't just have emails--they have the same types of online shopping programs the other rewards sites do. Except that here, instead of getting "points," it's like getting up to 40% cash back on all your online shopping. No need to wait for a sale now, right? Or do wait for a sale and get even bigger discounts.

Who couldn't use a few extra dollars just for checking out offers and shopping online?

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