Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get FREE Books

We just started using Paperback Swap, and so far we are enjoying it. What you do is you list as many books a you want, start with 10 to get your first 2 credits. A credit is what you use to get a book. When you send out a book you get one credit and you can use that credit to get one book from another member. Each book is worth 1 credit, audio books are worth 2.

What happens if you don't have any credits and someone lists a book that you want? Well you have a few options, list more books and hope someone wants them, see what books others have on their wish list and see you have it and list, or you can purchase a credit so you can get the book you want right away.

I just listed my first few books about two days ago and I have already had 8 members request a book. So, my 2 credits + the 8 credits I will receive for sending out these books will give me 10 credits!

I get 10 credits = 10 books! You know how much we LOVE books at our house!

You do have to pay to ship the books to someone else, but you don't have to pay to have the books shipped to you. Once you get the books they are yours. You can read them and relist them or you can keep them. It's totally up to you!

If you would like to try them out go to the Paperback Swap website, and when it asks who referred you please put in momcrafting4fun. That way I get credit for referring you. Thank you!

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